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Camp JCC

Tampa, FL • Established 2017

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522 N Howard Ave.
Tampa, FL 33606


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Affiliated with Tampa Jewish Community Center

Day Camp

Camp accepts special needs children on a case by case basis.

Session Lengths: 1 Week, 2 Weeks

The Camp JCC Story

We are excited to welcome your family to Camp JCC where we are Building Great Friendships! Camp JCC offers a multitude of incredible specialty camps that will help your children develop a range of skills in a fun environment. We strongly believe in providing campers with the opportunity to participate in a well balanced and safe camp day of recreational, social, cultural and educational activities. Our goal is for every child to have a meaningful experience while they are here. We ensure that all of the activities provided are differentiated to meet the needs of all children. Our supportive and well trained staff is constantly striving to ensure that your child feels at home. At Camp JCC your camper will make life-long friends, explore new adventures and create memories they will treasure forever!

Featured Activities at Camp JCC

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Why We Host Schlichim

"Hosting Shlichim during the summers remains a wonderful experience for our family. Each year we meet dynamic and fascinating young Israelis with whom we maintain contact long after the summer has gone. Our kids are the greatest beneficiaries of the experience, finding in the Shlichim individuals who they come to regard as older siblings. It is an event we look forward to every year with good reason and plan on continuing for years to come."

- Soberman Family, The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp, Prosserman JCC

Connecting with Israel

“Although it was so new, Israel brought upon me a familiar sense of belonging much like what I feel at Camp Chi every summer. The ability to be in a place where one feels so free and proud to be a Jew is a feeling that makes me so proud to be involved in my Jewish heritage.” - Joshua Krawitz, 17, Camp Chi, JCC Chicago