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Camp Livingston

Bennington, IN • Established 1920

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4998 Nell Lee Road
Bennington, IN 47011

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Overnight Camp

Camp accepts special needs children on a case by case basis.

Session Lengths: 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, 6 Weeks, 8 Weeks

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The Camp Livingston Story

Nestled deep in the rolling, wooded hills of beautiful southeastern Indiana, Camp Livingston has offered an unmatched summer experience for Jewish children and teens for over 90 years. Camp Livingston has always provided a safe and nurturing environment where campers gain self esteem and confidence, and form lasting friendships with their cabin and unit friends, all within a fun and exciting atmosphere. Campers return year after year because of the bond and friendships Livingston helps foster that is uncommon anywhere else. Within this unique environment, campers come to know and love themselves, their community and their place in the greater world. Living Fun! Imagine your child happily spending weeks at a time completely real experiences, not virtual...and asking to do it again, year after year! Building lifelong friendships, diving into their favorite activities and confidently trying new, more challenging ones...all while being a proud part of a strong Jewish community. That’s a Camp Livingston summer! Inclusive to all, our friendly, non-pretentious camp sees an unusually high rate of returning campers--proving that kids love Camp Livingston! Living Jewish! Being Jewish at Camp Livingston is integrated into everyday life in fun and engaging ways, like song sessions at meals, Shabbat activities and celebrating Israel. Want your child to have a positive lifelong Jewish identity? Studies consistently show Jewish residential camp to be one of the best ways to get them there! Our campers grow up to be more involved in their synagogues/temples, more likely to marry Jewish and raise Jewish children. Jewish culture and values provide the framework for all we do. Not subscribing to one Jewish movement means that Camp Livingston is open to every Jewish child, from the more observant to the unaffiliated, with every viewpoint represented. Here, kids experience Judaism in a positive, comfortable and unobtrusive way, not in a classroom. Living Life! Alongside the nonstop fun, campers learn that they can live for weeks without their parents! Self-confidence and social skills thrive in our independence-building environment. We foster teamwork, sportsmanship, character and integrity in all we do. While kids may learn to read and write in school, Camp Livingston is where they learn to live in a social world.

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Why We Host Schlichim

"Hosting Shlichim during the summers remains a wonderful experience for our family. Each year we meet dynamic and fascinating young Israelis with whom we maintain contact long after the summer has gone. Our kids are the greatest beneficiaries of the experience, finding in the Shlichim individuals who they come to regard as older siblings. It is an event we look forward to every year with good reason and plan on continuing for years to come."

- Soberman Family, The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp, Prosserman JCC

Connecting with Israel

“Although it was so new, Israel brought upon me a familiar sense of belonging much like what I feel at Camp Chi every summer. The ability to be in a place where one feels so free and proud to be a Jew is a feeling that makes me so proud to be involved in my Jewish heritage.” - Joshua Krawitz, 17, Camp Chi, JCC Chicago