Make a Difference

Give to your local JCC camp

JCC camps are community camps, created to enrich the life of your community and the lives of the individual campers and families they serve. Jewish camp is a critical part of building a robust Jewish identity.

Many families are unable to provide their children with this invaluable gift on their own. If you’ve experienced or appreciate the impact of Jewish camping and community, consider donating to your local JCC camp, to help their program or provide scholarships for families and campers that could not otherwise have the life-changing experience that a summer at a JCC camp can provide.

You can use the camp database here to search for and contact your local camp in order to donate.

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Give to JCC Association

In support of JCC camps, JCC Association professional camping team provides a number of services to the field, including professional development programs, specialized on-site consultation, coordination of resources for camp programming and operations, representation on behalf of camps in strategic field partnerships and more. Supporting JCC Association helps ensure that these camp resources continue to be available and enrich all of our JCC camps.

JCC Association Camp’s Annual Fund donors provide a critical source of revenue that makes it possible to create innovative programs for over 150 JCC camps throughout North America. Contributions go toward enhancing training opportunities for lay leaders, and professional staff, and to our direct services including visionary signature programs that strengthen Jewish identity and greater involvement in Jewish life.