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“When the time came to meet all the staff who would be working that summer I was anxious, as I knew most of the staff had grown up at camp. As they reacted to the friends they had missed with hugs and screams, I was also greeted with hugs screams and questions from people I had met 10 seconds earlier, and that’s when it clicked: I was part of something much bigger than a summer camp.”lillie-jca-shalom— Lillie, staff, Camp JCA Shalom


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Get a “real” job? That’s camp.

At the heart of each JCC camp is a team of passionate and compassionate staff, selected for their experience, skills and dedication to children.

Described by many as the “hardest job I’ve ever loved — and never want to leave”, a summer at JCC camp will change your life and the lives of all your campers. Kids learn to be confident and comfortable in their own skin, thanks to camp staff who serve as strong and supportive role models. At a JCC camp, you become an important part of a values-based community, focused on trust, growth and leadership.


JCC camps provide training and professional growth, teaching critical skills that can be taken beyond camp into any kind of career. Camp staff members are entrusted with an incredible amount of responsibility and unparalleled opportunities for developing leadership skills at a young age.

Employers say they look for camp experience on resumes because they know camp translates into:

  • An ability to work well under pressure
  • The ability to multi-task
  • A strong sense of teamwork
  • An ability to work well with other types of people
  • High creativity and problem solving skills


Ultimately the best part of working at a JCC camp is spending the summer at camp! Getting the chance to contribute to the fun and unforgettable experience of your camper will ensure that your summer if unforgettable too. Make this part of your lifelong journey at JCC camps!

We met when we were 14, our last year as campers at Camp Wise. When we first met it wasn’t fairy tale love at first sight, but something better – a friendship. One that grew by bead bracelets and extra jet ski rides, and turned into hand holding and love letters. A friendship that began at a place so close to our hearts, that led us to our future together as husband and wife.

milkshakes engagement

— Josh and Amanda Goldberg, campers, staff and supervisors, Camp Wise

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