JCC Mission and Vision

JCC Mission and Vision

JCC camps benefit from being part of a larger JCC Movement, providing for year-round life-long Jewish engagement, not limited to the summer and inclusive of the whole family.

The JCC Movement is supported by JCC Association, the continental leadership and umbrella organization for the JCC field. JCC Association serves almost 350 JCC, YM-YWHA, and camp sites. Together, we represent a movement of vital importance to individual communities, to the larger North American Jewish community, and to the Jewish world. JCC Association provides leadership in the areas of staff recruitment and training, lay leadership development, field research, professional conferences and workshops, consultation, publications, and specialized programming, enabling each JCC and JCC camp to better serve the needs of its members and community.

The JCC Movement is leading the way to a vibrant future by establishing cooperative ventures with local and national Jewish and secular organizations, by supporting Jewish culture, community, and education, and by encouraging and enabling Jews of all ages and backgrounds to engage in the joys of Jewish living.


Statement of Principles

The vision of the JCC Movement is to create a vibrant and welcoming Jewish environment that encourages people to lead engaged lives of meaning and purpose.

As programs of the JCC Movement, our camps are exemplary models of this mission. JCC camps represent a unique opportunity in Jewish life to connect campers to a rich and multifaceted Jewish community that will help them throughout their years to build deep and meaningfully engaged lives.

A JCC or JCC Camp, by its nature, is a local institution and reflects its community. This vision and these principles express the shared beliefs that bind us together as a continental JCC Movement.

The JCC Movement’s primary purpose is to strengthen Jewish life and is built upon these principles:

  • Creating a Jewish identity is a unique and individual life-long process.
  • Respecting and supporting diverse Jewish opinions, beliefs, and practices are essential for strong and enduring Jewish communities.
  • Interaction between diverse groups of Jews is critical for the well-being and future of the Jewish people.
  • Jewish living and learning sit at the heart of the JCC.
  • Israel is an eternal birthright of the Jewish people, linking us to our past and to Jews around the world today.
  • Strong Jewish communities benefit, and benefit from, their larger communities.

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