Tips from JCC Camp Directors

1. Don’t tell your children horror stories about camp!
Sharing your negative experiences with your child only increases their anxiety. Instead of horror stories, share the great times you at the lake, playing sports, or making lots of new friends. Remember to advise relatives and friends to share their positive stories as well.

2. Night Time Rituals
If your child has a bedtime ritual that involves you, now is a great time to begin to create a routine they can do by themselves. Not only will this help your child at camp, but it will show your child that he/she can be independent and in control.

3. Communicate Wisely
Be sure to write letters/emails often. Ask lots of questions. Stay clear of telling them all the fun you’re having (without them), how miserable you are without them, or other news that may upset them.

4. Personal Hygiene
Basic daily living skills and good personal hygiene are critical at camp. We at camp will help strengthen and reinforce these skills, but you can help them by practicing beforehand.

5. No Deals!
Because we love our children and want to ease their (and our own) anxiety, we may be tempted to make ‘deals’ that might have a negative impact on their success at camp. The truth is that most children have a tough day or so when they first come to camp (returning campers can also experience this), but settle in once they get used to the camp routine. Your children will hold you (and us) to these ‘deals’ and we may be powerless to help!

6. Be a Role Model!
Help your child be successful by encouraging them (and relatives/friends) to follow the camp rules. Please leave cell phones at home. Also, please send mail and packages without food. We will find it and donate it locally. Parents who break camp rules reinforce to campers that breaking rules is okay.

7. Help us help your child to be successful!
Finally, you trust us with your wonderful children. Please also trust us with important information that may affect their time at camp (sick relative, death of a pet, relocation, divorce, etc.). We will treat this information with respect, and it will ensure a successful camp experience for your child. We have excellent camp professionals that include a Social Work Intern who are trained and skilled in helping children cope with challenges.

Toni Davison Levenberg, Camp Director | Camp Interlaken JCC

Toni joined the Interlaken team in January 2006. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she has actively been involved in camping and informal Jewish education since she was a camper at JCC Camp Arthur-Reeta.

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