Why JCC Day Camps?

“As a first time camper, we were very anxious and concerned for our little Michael. We are absolutely certain this experience has helped Michael gain independence and he seems more aware of his environment and engaged. Special thanks to the counselors in morning care who put us at ease when we thought Michael would not adjust as well as he has. He absolutely loved Camp and walked in every day with a big smile.”
— Barbara S., parent, Camp Kadima
“After attending JCC camps for eleven summers as a camper, the obvious choice was to become a camp counselor as well. Camp offers the perfect place to meet countless friends, cultivate your interests, try new things, and ultimately form your Jewish identity. Over the past 18 summers at camp, I have transformed from a good Jewish person to an even better Jewish leader.”
— Amy P, staff, JCC Camps at Medford Camp

JCC Day Camps

Over 65,000 campers and 12,000 staff call JCC day camp home each summer, representing the largest movement of Jewish day camps in North America.

While each JCC day camp has its own unique culture and program, we share a commitment to bringing the values of the JCC Movement to life. Values such as chesed (kindness), kehillah (community), tikkun olam (repairing the world), c’lal yisael (the unity of the Jewish people), ruach (spirit) and hachnassat orchim (welcoming guests) are woven into the fabric of our camp communities.

Our camps are programs of excellence where kids grow and learn at their own pace, gaining confidence and independence through experiential learning. Our camps prioritize the needs of each individual child, and some of the most innovative and inclusive opportunities for children with special needs are found at JCC day camps. We provide multiple entry points to Jewish connection in communities that value diversity and differences while strengthening Jewish peoplehood by building meaningful, personal relationships with Israel and Jews around the globe.

Surprise Lake Camp

“As a second generation camper and the day camp director, I take tremendous pride in seeing community members who came back to visit during our summer reunions. Hearing people share their memories form the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, as though it was yesterday, is really heartwarming. And even better than the memories of the alumni has been to watch my own children and other third generation campers jumping into the same lake as their grandparents or walking on the same nature trails and singing the same songs at Shabbat services speaks to the power of tradition and the true joy of camp.”eli-small

— Eli Small, director, Center Day Camp


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