Why JCC Overnight Camps?

“These are summers that define who I am today, both in a Jewish sense and an individual sense. I would not be the energetic, smiley, and mature young man that I am today without these summers paving the way for me.”evanf-circle-njy

— Evan F., camper, New Jersey Y Camps

“Last summer, my daughter’s cabin group was invited to make Challah in the camp rabbi’s house, and now we make Challah in our home. That’s something we never did before as a family and it reminds my kids of camp.”

— Laura W., parent, Emma Kaufmann Camps

Camp Chi, Overnight Camp

JCC Overnight Camps

Each summer over 18,000 campers and 5,000 staff call JCC overnight camps home. Recognized as one of the most significant building blocks of Jewish identity development, Jewish overnight camp provides an immersive space for children and teens to grow into engaged, successful, confident adults.

While each of our 25 camps has its own unique culture and program, they share a commitment to bringing the values of the JCC Movement to life. Values such as chesed (kindness), kehillah (community), tikkun olam (repairing the world), c’lal yisael (the unity of the Jewish people), ruach (spirit) and hachnassat orchim (welcoming guests) are woven into the fabric of our camp communities.

Our camps are programs of excellence where kids grow and learn at their own pace, gaining confidence and independence through experiential learning. Our camps prioritize the needs of each individual child, and some of the most innovative and inclusive opportunities for children with special needs are found at JCC overnight camps. We provide multiple entry points to Jewish connection in communities that value diversity and differences while strengthening Jewish peoplehood by building meaningful, personal relationships with Israel and Jews around the globe.

Surprise Lake Camp

“At Surprise Lake I was exposed to a lot of music. It kind of inspired me to take guitar lessons and learn how to play.”
Neil Diamond
— Neil Diamond, musician, alumni of Surprise Lake Camp